12.03.17Lynn Lewandowski

Hi Jerry -
Just sending contact info. Kids are out of school, and I am able to play more now...
If you find yourself in need of a sub, give me a call - 414-3050-9468. The hubby and I can do jazz combos, for cocktail hours as well.



12.03.17Lynn Lewandowski

Hi Jerry -
Just sending contact info. Kids are out of school, and I am able to play more now...
If you find yourself in need of a sub, give me a call - 414-3050-9468. The hubby and I can do jazz combos, for cocktail hours as well.



12.30.16Hill Wright

Hi Jerry,

We will be in attendance at Green Lake Saturday night. I wanted to contact the band to request a couple of songs and explain the special reason for the songs. Deb and I were married on Oct 1st. For several years I asked Deb about marriage and she said I never want to Marry. So one day I ask her "what would it take for you to Marry me" and she replied "you would have to get Frank (Sinatra) to come sing Fly Me to The Moon to me". I said "didn't he die" and she said "exactly"

But I wasn't deterred. It took me about four years to figure out how to do it. I took Deb to Aruba. When we arrived she entered this contest for a romantic sunset dinner on the beach. A few days latter, we came back from the beach and there was a notice that she had won the contest. So we got dressed up for that evening and went, as directed, to the secluded setting on the beach just before sunset. There was a table with lights and soft music playing. A chef was there and He prepared dinner right on the beach and served up four courses of art! Afterwards, a man appeared out of the darkness and said " I'm here to entertain you" He sang a few songs and then sang Luck be a lady. After that he sang Fly Me to the Moon. About halfway through the song Deb realized it was the song and began to wonder. As soon as the song was over I went down on my knee while she was still looking at Frank (Fred Actually). She looked over at me and saw me on my knee and then knew for sure. I proposed even though I wasn't sure what the answer would be. I guess she was pretty moved because she said YES! Then I presented her a ring on a heart shaped bed of roses.

So If the Orchestra could do "Fly Me to the Moon" that would be fantastic! There is another song that we choose as our first dance is Ed Sheeran's "Thinking out loud". We would appreciate "Thinking out loud" if that is song the band has done before or even if it could just be played during the time band takes a break. Of course any horn band songs would be great fun too! Sorry for the long email but hopefully you now understand why this Fly Me to the Moon" is so special to us! Look forward to enjoying your music. It's the main reason we choose to come to The Heidel House for the weekend!

Hill Wright

11.20.16Bill Leindecker

Are you the band that is playing at the heidel house on new years eve? Thanks

10.17.16Maria Wiener

Hello, looking for a small and simple jazz group to play for 3 1/2 hours as background music at a wedding June 3, 2017. Please advise on pricing or any other information needed.

10.15.16Ben Cisler

We're looking for an approximately 10 piece band for a wedding reception that can play a few big band charts early on and then switch to rock covers for the rest of the evening. The event will be held at Beverly Gardens in Denmark, WI on July 29, 2017. Could you please send us a quote for this event? Thank you

09.27.16Alex Erdman


My Fiance and I are looking for a great live band that can play Jazz, Rock, pop, or whatever. We would like some oldies. A first dance of L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole possibly. Thank you.

07.17.16Veronica Kehoss

Hi there!
I'd like to request a quote for our upcoming wedding to see if we have a chance of affording you. Fingers crossed! Here are the details:

DATE: Sunday May 28th (the day before memorial day)
LOCATION: The Astor Hotel, Milwaukee
START TIME: This is TBD, but we estimate 6:30 pm
DURATION: We are flexible on this depending on costs, but 1.5-2 hours seems like a good place to start.
MUSIC TYPE: We are interested in traditional big band music, including Glen Miller, Rat Pack, etc.
BAND MEMBERS: It is likely that a full band will be cost-prohibitive, but we'd be interestred in knowing how many pieces we'd need to get that "big band" sound.
OTHER NEEDS: After the live music we'd like to finish the evening with a basic DJ service. I doubt you provide this but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask!

Let us know if you need more information. Thank you!

Veronica Kehoss & Jeremy White

07.13.16Laura Milkie

I saw your quote from GigMasters and I was wondering if that included sound and lighting? I am not looking necessarily for a huge full band, just having some jazz music in the park for those to enjoy. The event is for Friday August 26th from 6:00pm-9:00pm in Greenfield WI. Thanks!


Does the band still play on Tuesday nights at the Astor Hotel?


I'm looking more into the noyz boyz and girlz...it's for a wedding July 16th, but not in milwaukee area. It'd be in little chute, wi. What are your thoughts?

01.17.16Emma Svenson


My fiance and I are looking for a jazz band to play at our wedding on October 29th, 2016. We will be having a ceremony and reception at Sugarland barn (about 20 minutes from Madison, WI). I was wondering if you are available, and if you could send me more details regarding pricing/ choosing songs?

Emma Svenson

01.14.16Elise Hearden


I would love to find out more information including quotes about booking Mood Swing for my wedding on December 30, 2016 in Green Bay, WI at Hotel Northland. Please let me know! Thank you!


12.28.15Irene Denicolo

Looking forward to some great ballroom dance music on New Years Eve at the Heidel House!!!! Really love Frank Sinatra tunes!!! See you there!!! Irene

12.04.15Sam Huschen


I am interested in a big band for my wedding reception. Is there any time or place I could listen to the band play?



10.19.15Julie Martinez

We are looking for a small group to perform at our Annual Good Life Club Luncheon on July 13, 2016. The Good Lifers are our 55+ group of bank customers. We theme the luncheon, and would like to do a "USO" event this year, with music the WW II era, about a one hour set. The event is held at The Cotton Exchange Banquet Hall in Waterford. The budget for this event is limited, with a cap of $450 for the entertainment. Do you have an ensemble that would fit our needs? Thank you, Julie


Hello! I am getting married in Sheboygan, WI on June 25th, 2016 and was interested in your going rates for the three different ensembles.

08.02.15Emily McCune


My name is Emily McCune and I am the president of Panther Swing, the UW-Milwaukee Swing Dancing club. We're in the midst of planning our Fall Welcome dance which would be held at UWM campus, and we were wondering if you were free to play for us and our members on September 19th.

You would be playing for mostly beginners, along with some seasoned dancers. We'll be having an east coast (4-count) lesson beforehand. We were hoping to have live music from 8pm-10:00pm. If you are available and interested, could you give me a price quote and any equipment you would need? If you're not available, let me know that too and we might look to have you play for us in the future.

I hope we can work something out!

Emily McCune
President of Panther Swing

04.15.15Carrie Counihan

I am looking for a traditional, full swing band for an event in Door County, WI on September 12th. Could you please let me know if you are available and pricing information. It is an upscale dinner/dance event and we want the guests dancing and swinging! I look forward to hearing from you.

04.08.15Andre D. Crockett - Zen Events Group Chicago

We are in search of a Jazz/ Swing Jazz Trio for a bride Sat 07/25/2015 in Saukville, Wi for Cocktail Hour & Dinner. (3 Hours) Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.


Can you provide pricing on The Noyz Boyz and The Girlz for a potential gig at the Lombardi Golf Classic on Friday, June 5?

02.10.15Duska and Kris

Hello there,
we are writing to inquire as to if Mood Swing Orchestra is available fore weddings, and if so are they available July 25 2015, and what are your rates. We are getting married on Washington Island WI, and we'd love to have a swing band play at our reception. Thank you for your time.
Duska and Kris

01.21.15Stephanie Prellwitz

Hi Jerry,

We're looking for a band to play for our fundraising event on Saturday, August 1, 2015 at the Heidel House in Green Lake, Wisconsin. The event features a dinner and auction/raffles, and I anticipate it would require about 3 hours of playing time.

I'm not sure if you'd be in our budget or not, but I'd be interested to know how much you charge for your13-piece and 22-piece band.

Stephanie Prellwitz
(920) 294-6480

09.29.14Pam Muencheberg

I Jerry, this is Pam from church. I work at the Medical College of WI and put in a request for a band for a work function with about 500-600 employees and your band responded. I would like to talk to you more about this when you have a minute. My number is 414-955-5163. Thank you.

09.05.14Andy Andre

I don't see the schedule of your upcoming performances, only the past events are shown; is there one available? I'd like to plan when and where I can hear you...

07.31.14Martha McCarthy

Hello! I'm looking to hire a band for my wedding reception - July 18, 2015 at the WI Club in Downtown Milwaukee. Wondering if you're available and if so, have a pricing sheet you could send me? Thank you! -Martha

07.15.14Jenny Kliese

Hello, we're looking for a band to play at our wedding on 5/23/15. Do you travel to Madison? What do you charge for a typical wedding reception and travel out of Milwaukee? Thanks!

07.15.14Susan Dahlstedt

We are looking for a band to play at a 90th Birthday celebration. My in-laws love the big band sound, Tommy Dorsey, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, etc. It will be held at the Muskegon Country Club on August 23rd.

04.15.14Nakia Lock

I’m interested in acquiring your swanky sounds for my 40th birthday roaring 20's themed celebration on September 20th 2014.

04.07.14Laura Kolar


We are getting married on July 26, 2014. The reception will be in South Milwaukee, and we are interested in having a live band play to play a variety of music. We're expecting about 250 guests.

Laura and Dan

04.07.14Joshua Saxe

THE NOYZ BOYZ & GYRLZ booking at 18 West is open to the public, we invite all fans to attend. No cover.

03.30.14Jenny Roder

I would like to get in contact with someone about prices, how far the band will travel, scheduling, etc.

02.19.14Angelina Santaga

We would love if The Noyz Boyz and Girlz (or any of the big bands) are available July 12, 2014 to play at our reception in Door County, WI. My uncle lives in the Milwaukee area and directed me to you - we have heard such great things! We know this a short time notice for wedding but we just got engaged two weeks ago. Please let me know if you are available that day.
Thank you so much!
Angelina Santaga

02.17.14Amy Meissner & Bryan Huerta

Hi all!

Thank you for the contact on wedding.com (geraldm@wi.rr.com). Initially my intention for going to your website was to receive a potential 5% off if we were to decide to go with any combination of your live bands, but I'm so glad that I was able to listen to some of your performances, read your charts, and see what you're all about. I look forward to finding out more information about your pricing as we plan on stopping by the Wherehouse to check out your live gig on Wednesday. Please, respond back at your convenience with the different packages and pricing available, either to my email address or on wedding.com.

Thanks so much for sharing!

01.25.14Jen Mann

Hi, my name is Jen and my hubby and I will be renewing our vows this December and we were looking into getting a live band rather than a DJ. I was hoping we could talk and you could give me some price options. If you could give me some idea on how much it would be to get you guys to preform I would appreciate it. Not sure what info you need to help, but hope this helps, our date is set for December 27th and the reception/party will be held in Menomonee Falls. Thank you for your time!

Hope to hear back soon!

10.06.13Nancy Giovino

Really need to talk with you re a band for a party .
Planning now.Please call me today, I would so appreciate 508-641-4446
My name is Nancy Giovino

08.18.13lori mclaughlin

We will be seeing you Oct. 13th at the Cotton Exchange. We've planned a surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary luncheon party for our parents there. We were just wondering if by any chance a guest of ours who is an experienced Frank Sinatra singer could sing one or two songs with your band. That would be such an extra special touch and mean a lot if its possible....it could be fun for all!

Looking forward to seeing you there...

Thanks so much!

Lori McLaughlin

08.13.13ron and mary

Hi! Hoping to make your Shorewood show with my Mom, Betty, who is 90 (almost 91!!). She and my dad, Jim, grew up with big band music. Maybe a request for tomorrow? In the Mood, and/or September Song. A shout-out to Jim and Betty Curtis (my dad has passed on) would be fine too! Either way, she's vey excited about the show, as am I!! Thanks.

Ron Curtis

08.06.13Wendy Lynch

Looking for a swing band for Sunday, September 8 starting at 11:30 am.
Location: St. Mary's Church in Burlington (it's the church's biggest fundraiser annually and is a three day festival).

Hope to hear from you soon!

07.12.13Jake Holtz

I work for the American Club in Kohler, WI. I am looking at band options for New Years Eve this year. We are hosting a 1920s/speakeasy themed event. I would like to get additional information about your bands.

07.05.13Joe Deklotz

I am the chairman for the Delafield Chamber of Commerce "Pink Tie Gala" ( http://www.visitdelafield.org/event-calendar/pink-tie-gala/ ).
For the last three years the Chris Mariani Band has played at this up-scale, black tie event. This year we are considering other options (February 8th, 2013)

This is a fund raiser for cancer research, cancer victims and the chamber of commerce.

I am looking for your availability, cost and suggestions.

Thanks you
Joe Deklotz

04.17.13Tina Rose, Lifestyles Manager at Three Pillars Senior Living Comm.

I am looking for a 5-8 piece band to perform for our concert in the park this summer. I believe the Cream City Jazz Band performed here in 2009. We are located in Dousman. I have many weekends available. Please let me know what you may have and the price, as we do have a limited budget. Thanks

04.02.13Natalie Moore

Tentatively have a wedding reserved for Tuesday, December 31, 2013 at the Chandelier Ballroom. Inquiring about pricing and wondering if there is a band that can entertain a variety of music through the decades.


04.02.13Kristina Piessens

Hello! I was wondering if one of your bands would be available to play on 10/12/13 for a wedding in downtown milwaukee, and what your rates would be for 2-3 hours of music? Thank you, Jerry!



03.15.13Jackie Blackburn

Do you have contact info for the Noyz Boys and Girlz?


Can you give me some details on your prices? My wife and I will be renewing our vows this December and we have been looking for some bands to play. Would be around 60 people or so and would like to have your for about 3-5 hours. Please let me know your details on prices, your music is beautiful!



02.13.13Don Schauf

Hi Jerry. We're looking forward to Mood Swing being a HUGE part of our daughter's wedding on July 20. It is fun to see the wedding posted on your "Gigs" page.

I'd like to note that the event will actually be at Hawk's View Golf Club in Lake Geneva and that it is the wedding of Elizabeth Schauf. We are pushing our invited guests to your website so it would be best to make sure that the venue information is correct in order to avoid confusion.

Be good,

02.02.13Kim Wallace

Hello--our wedding is 10/12/13 in Oshkosh, WI and I was hoping to get more information about your bands. We would like music from about 8pm-1130pm; could you provide quotes for either band for that timing? Thank you!


Hi! We are looking for a small band to play at our wedding in August 2013. Was wondering what options you had available and the going rates for your groups. The length of the reception will be 3 to 4 hours.

11.24.12Franklin Park Concerts

We would like to use a picture of the band and the vocalist on our brochure for the 2013 concert series. Let me know if this is OK as soon as possible


11.19.12Amy Wilson

Hello. I'm the tourism director in Sheboygan. Our office books the annual Twilight Series summer concerts in Sheboygan's downtown Fountain Park. The shows are free to the public. I'm writing to inquire about a big band that might be available to play July 10 from 6 pm to 8:30 pm. Our budget isn't that big--so it doesn't have to be a full ensemble. We're looking for some classic swing music, Glenn Miller, some Frank Sinatra--something along that line.

If a group is available, please let me know--along with the price--at your earliest convenience. We're booking everything early to include it in our 2013 marketing material, which goes to print in December.

Thanks so much!

10.13.12Jacque dickenshied

We are planning a fund raiser for ALS. Please Give me
a price for a 2 hour concert by the Mood Swing Orchestra of Milwaukee. We are in Manitowoc County. The concert would possibly take place in Two Rivers. . THIS is a 2013 event. A Saturday night to be determined.
Jacque Dickenshied.

09.28.12Adam Brotherhood

I was wondering about pricing/availablity for next summer. Could someone email me please?

08.09.12Martha Cordell


We're swing dancers looking at getting married on one of the last 3 weekends in March 2013 and are making inquiries to the bands we know we enjoy. What is your availability in that time frame, and what are your rates?

Martha cordell

07.30.12Diana Garty

My fiance and I are having a Sinatra hollywood glamour/James Bond cool themed wedding. We're getting married at Villa Terrace at sunset and then the reception at the Pfister in downtown Milwaukee. We are interested in a quote for a big band for just the reception ~7pm-midnight, as well as just a few instruments for the ceremony.

Could you please supply us additional information and a quote range?

Thank you kindly.

Diana Garty

07.30.12Jerry Kaye

Hi Jerry, We play together in Command Performanc. This is just a reminder that I am available for any work you can throw my way. Alto, tenor, soprano, clarinet. Prefer small combo work playing improv but will play what ever is available. Jerry

07.25.12Andy Andre

I enjoyed listening to you in Franklin’s Lions Park on Sunday, 7/22/12, and got your business cards so I could check where I could listen to you again, but apparently you do not have a listing of future appearances at your website (www.moodswingbands.com), but only the past ones, and even that is outdated, since it lists the 5/18/12 show at Wherehouse as your last. So, where can I see the schedule for the future appearances?
Thanks, Andy

07.05.12Cris Johnson

This is a little premature, but we are planning our daughters wedding. Date is May 25, 2013 at Ripon College Memorial Union. Would like the entire band for our dinner and reception- dance assume start 7_8 pm
What do you think? Thanks Cris Johnson


I am looking for a big band orchestra to play from 1:30-3pm on July 25th at a corporate event in Racine, WI. I am looking for price quotes for 1.5 hours of playing, and I am open to any size band.

Thank you.

03.03.12Valery Sarno

Hello Jerry:
I am a big band/swing vocalist working with differnt groups in the Milwaukee area. I am looking to possibly expand the groups I work with and am pretty familiar with the music you do. If you are ever in need of a singer in the future, please give me a call. I have been performing for many years and just love it. Keep me in mind and hope to talk to you soon.
Thank you,
Valery Sarno

02.04.12Lauren Moroder

I am wondering if your "Cream City Jazz" group with the soloist in the track on your website (song: Angel Eyes) is available on August 11th, 2012 for a wedding. Our reception is at the Elm Grove Woman's Club and I am looking for a band for the dancing part of the evening. I think the big band would be too large for our wedding.
Can you please also let me know what the costs and other information are, if you are available?
Thank you very much!
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Lauren Moroder

05.13.11Peg Zimmer

I am getting married on 8/11/2012 with the reception at Westmoor Country Club.

I am looking for information as to availability and pricing options.


05.05.11Hope Lawrence

I found Moodswing Orchestra on Gig Masters but was disappointed by the statement: will travel 100 miles from Milwaukee.

I have two questions - Is the big-band available on Saturday September 3? Is it possible to hire 140 miles from Milwaukee for a wedding? (Gotham, WI - west of Madison)

I would very much appreciate your response.

Hope Lawrence

12.21.10Jason Somers


We would like to possible book you for the Milwaukee Elks Lodge on Saturday, January 22, 2011. We are having our Plugs After Holiday Party and having a Mardi Gras Theme and it was suggested that I contact your group for the music. This night would also be our Wisconsin Elks State President visit. Time would be from 8 pm to midnight and would be in our lounge/main bar area. When you get a chance, could you pleaase send an email back with information.

Thank You,
Milwaukee Elks Lodge

09.07.09Gerald Miller

The site looks better with the Mood Swing Orchestra pics.

01.19.09Steve Miller

updated the "listen" section too...

01.19.09Steve Miller

Check out the updated "bands" site! Now CCJB has a "you tube" presence. I've got a video clip from Villa Terrace and one from the Ale House up. See what you think.

01.13.09Steve Miller

New site logo and background are nice!


I really like your first solo on Song For My Father. Very delicate, balanced, and well played.


This is some good stuff...


Wow, what a site!

12.19.08Nicole Kolcz

No DJ could beat a live big band for our wedding. Never cheezy or contrived, the live band added character and atmosphere that made a difference.